Hi, I'm Jennifer.

Me in a nutshell.... Coffee Addict, Dog Mom, and Nanny.

In Detail... I am from San Antonio,, born and raised. Aside from photography, I am a nanny part time. Photography was a hobby turned small business, and a steadily growing passion that I can't let go of.

On Friday nights you'll find me cozied up on the couch editing your sessions. I binge watch Grey's Anatomy, The Resident, This Is Us, A Million Little Things during their prime seasons. I also love dogs, specifically rescues. We have 3 rescue pups... call me crazy, but the more the merrier?

My guilty pleasures include reading dystopian novels, sunsets and sunrises, cold lakes on hot summer days, and being in a semi-secluded camping spot.

Aelanie has since passed away, April 13, 2021


Meet my boyfriend. He's an ESOL teacher. He helps kids who do not know English as their primary language learn to read, write, and speak our complicated language.

Our children (dogs) include; Aeries, a dark brown but not quite chocolate colored dog. What makes him special is his one blue eye (heterochromia). He also goes by Air Bear, Berry-Aerie, and just Bear. We've had him since he was a puppy. He's well versed in getting his way and is the fun police at the dog park. Aedan is the other tall one with lighter shade of brown. He goes by Aedo-Potato, Po-Tat, and Nugget. He's the middle child and whose a real heartbreaker and excellent with kids. He has to have a hug by everyone and will knock you over with love. Our oldest dog is Aelanie. She was going on 17 years this year and is the sweetest soul you'll ever meet. She has recently passed away April 13, 2021 and I swear I've got the best luck with shelter dogs. I believe she was a mix between corgi and chihuahua. She is sure to be seen snuggling up on her bed snoring away in Heaven with my Grandma.

I almost forgot, we have a cat we rescued too. I am not sure if either of us consider him so much of the family, but he chose us and needed a home. He can be found play wrestling with Aedan or laying out in the middle of the floor testing his luck on if he will get stepped on. We love him, and if it weren't for us we know he wouldn't likely be here today. He even seems to know this and gives us so much love in thanks.



“Thank you for being our photographer. We hope you enjoyed our special day as much as we did. We were glad that you brought the girls with you. Pete & I were happy to see them. The pictures will be a part of our memories that we will cherish in the years to come.”